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Zinc Oxide (White Seal) - Indonesia

Zinc Oxide (White Seal) - Indonesia in Tradeasia



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Basic Info


White Solid

Common Names

Zinc Oxide Powder, Chinese White


25, 500, 1000 KG

Brief Overview

ZnO is the formula for the inorganic compound zinc oxide. It is an insoluble white powder in water. It is a chemical or raw ingredient used in the production of many products, including antiseptics, animal feed, paints, pigments, ceramics, adhesives, plastics, tires, cosmetics, antiseptics, soaps, and ointments. It is also produced from zinc. Zinc oxide occurs naturally as zincite, a mineral found in the earth's crust. Having stated that, synthesized zinc oxide is mostly utilized in commerce.

Manufacturing Process

To create various grades of zinc oxide, electrolytic zinc that is obtainable from reputable vendors can be utilized. The French Process involves melting zinc, vaporizing it, and then drawing it into an oxidation chamber. Particle size according to the manufactured individual grades is produced during the oxidation step under controlled circumstances. After cooling, the zinc oxide is gathered, examined, and tested to make sure it meets grade requirements.By using statistical process control and quality assurance procedures, the purity, consistency, and homogeneity of particle size are guaranteed. The manufacturing, sales, and quality assurance labs are all connected via our information system.

Rubber and Plastic Compounds

utilized as an activator in the curing and vulcanization processes of rubber and latex composites. used to strengthen composites, giving them durability and resistance to abrasion. helps shield rubber and polymers from damaging UV radiation, particularly outside weathering polypropylenes. confers qualities of heat resistance to different kinds of rubber and plastic polymers.

Specialty Chemicals

Rubber is vulcanized using zinc dispersions as a component. Plastics are made with the aid of zinc salts. Flame-retardants contain zinc chlorides and zinc borate. One important component used in the production of golf balls is zinc diacrylate. Zinc oxide is used in the production of anti-wear additives like zinc dithiophosphates and anti-corrosion compounds like zinc chromate for the lubricant industry. For usage in the painting and metal priming industries, zinc oxide can be dissolved in phosphoric acid; for electroplating, it can be dissolved in sulfuric acid.

Paints and Coatings

Used in formulations based on solvent and water alike. It works really well as a brightener and as a pigment. UV-absorbing additive that prolongs color retention. Excellent mold, mildew, and fungal inhibitor.

Ceramics and Glass

used as a whitener or opacifier in glaze manufacturing. Particularly in glass, its low coefficient of thermal expansion enhances resilience to mechanical and thermal stress. Zinc oxide is used in the frit business to improve color and clarity. Because of its high refractive index, zinc oxide is a great raw material for optical glass production. Zinc oxide is used by the varistor and ferrite industries to create ceramic components that are resistant to voltage surges and lightning.

Pharmaceutical and Food

Diaper rash preventive creams, sunscreens, and lotions are made with USP zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is used by cosmetic producers as a UV absorber. Manufacturers of dietary supplements (which are necessary for human health) and zinc gluconate, which is currently included in cold preventive lozenges, both employ zinc oxide.

Micro Nutrients

vital element that is used in feed mixtures and supports healthy animal growth utilized in the production of fertilizers for soil. Supplemental zinc has been demonstrated to boost crop yields and may influence the activity of enzyme systems that control plant development.

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