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Fish Meal (60%) - Indonesia

Fish Meal (60%) - Indonesia in Tradeasia



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Brown Powder

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Fish Meal


50 Kg Bag

Brief Overview

The term "Fish Meal" (FM) refers to any nutrient-rich feed ingredient utilized in cow diets. It is estimated that one ton of fishmeal requires four to five tons of whole fish. The bulk of fish captured are considered industrial fish because they are primarily used for their meat and oil. In the aquafeed and agricultural industries, fishmeal has long been the main source of protein because of its high protein, high mineral and vitamin content, readily digested energy, and excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Manufacturing Process

Most fish used in commercial FM is considered inappropriate for direct human eating because it is small, greasy, and bony. The basic step in producing fishmeal is removing the water and oil from the solids, though there are other steps as well.

1. Cooking

The tissue proteins in the fish coagulate as it goes through a screw conveyor cylinder covered in a steam jacket.

2. Pressing  

When the fish is cooked through, the liquid is extracted by pressing it. The solid residue that remains is called presscake. In contrast, the fluid is subjected to further processing following centrifugation in order to extract the oil from the dispersed particles in order to produce fish oil. Since the concentrated "stickwater" produced during the liquor treatment process can optionally be reintroduced back into the presscake, customers have the option to purchase either the "whole" meal or just the "presscake" meal.

3. Drying  

Going back to the presscake, it is dried some further, either directly or indirectly, until the moisture content is low enough to keep it fresher longer and prevent mold and germs from growing on it.

4. Grinding and packaging  

Fishmeal is processed and screened to the proper particle size once it has properly dried. This allows it to be stored in silos or packed into bags and sent to a number of companies across the globe.

Animal Feed Industry

Fish meal is rich in protein and an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. It is particularly well-liked in aquaculture diets due to its great amino acid balance for aquatic animals and high protein content. Furthermore, it is suitable for pigs, chickens, and cattle.

Fertilizer Industry

Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and other micronutrients necessary for plant growth are found in abundance in fish meal naturally. Utilizing it in fertilizer mixtures offers a well-balanced combination of essential nutrients, encouraging robust plant growth and development.

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