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Calcium Sulfate

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Calcium Sulfate

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Brief Overview

Calcium sulfate, also known as Gypsum, is a greyish to white coloured inorganic solid compound with a chemical formula of CaSO4. Calcium sulfate is present natural in the anhydrous form while the hydrous form exists naturally as Gypsum. Calcium sulfate can be used to manufacture various hemihydrates such as alpha hemihydrates and beta hemihydrates. Calcium Sulfate is highly insoluble in water at temperatures lower than or equal to room temperature. When partially hydrated, this calcium sulfate paste tends to set easily, thus allowing this product to be widely used in building materials.

Manufacturing process

The main sources of calcium sulfates are Gypsum or Anhydrite. Crude Gypsum rocks are sent to a rotary kiln and heated to remove any free moisture. These dried pieces of rocks are then sent to the roller/impact/or pulverizer mill where it is ground to the required size fractions.



Construction industry

Calcium sulfate is used to make Gypsum, which is also used industrial, construction and agricultural applications as it is easy to handle and shape when in semi hydrous form and it readily sets.

Agricultural Industry

Calcium Sulfate in the form of gypsum is used as a fertilizer constituent as it loosens the soil layers, prevents soil erosion and water runoff, prevents logging of water, improves soil composition, and it improves the nutrient content of the soil.

Other Applications:

Calcium Sulfate is used as a coagulant to make Tofu. It is also used as a desiccant.


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